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Watercolor Technique using celephane

Picture of a white page washi tapped down to a glass surface, picture of a woman holding an umbrella. white background
picture of woman holding umbrella and a paint brush with water
picture of woman holding umbrella watercoloring

Welcome to this months Glitter Queens Blog hop featuring new items from the new June Catalog. I am showcasing a watercolor technique using plastic wrap.

First I stamped an image, this is the lady holding an umbrella from Beautiful You. I also used Sea of Textures that I will show at the end.

I stamped the image in black archival and put clear embossing powder over it. Then heat set it.

Then I secured my card down onto my mat with washi tape. I added a mask to the stamped image, and added water all over the image.

Then I started with my colors. I am using all new colors, first I used Balmy Blue. I also used an aqua painter to apply the ink.

I only applied the ink to the top part of the card.

Image of woman holding umbrella watercolor in the background
picture of stamped woman holding umbrella with plastic wrap on top
picture of stamped woman holding umbrella with plastic wrap on top

Next I used the new Blueberry Bushel ink, I blended the color down from the previous color. I made sure to add lots of water, this technique uses lots of water to achieve the technique.

Then I came in with Pineapple Punch. I wanted the Blueberry Bushel to mix with the Pineapple Punch to create a very nice green, but it was not rich enough for me, so I added another new color Shaded Spruce. This gave it the pop of color that I was looking for.

Now the magic. Time for the Plastic Wrap. I took the plastic wrap and stretched it across pulling on each end to make stripes. I want it to look like rain.

Now it is time to let this all dry. Once it is dry, you can remove the plastic wrap and you will have streaks where the plastic wrap collected the water.


image of woman in the rain holding umbrela
Image of octopus with watercolor background
image of woman holding umbrella with grey then blue then yellow watercolor

The first image is the one I explained above. I like how it turned out. the rain on the umbrella, the way the plastic wrap picked up the ink and moved it around, it does look like rain to me.

The next image is from the Sea of Texture the Octopus. I stamped it in Black archival ink then clear embossed it. 

The last image is the same lady in the rain, but with different colors. This one uses Grey Granite, Blueberry Bushel, and Pineapple Punch. By changing one color you can get a completely different result.

Watercolor image of a womany dancing in the rain
Picture of a woman with her hands above her head in celebration watercolor background
stamped image of a woman tipping her hat, watercolor background

Here are a few more examples. The one in the middle is from the new set Enjoy Life. The last image is also from the beautiful you set. All of these colors are a mix of new colors.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope you use this technique with plastic wrap and watercolor to creat some beautiful backgrounds.

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  1. Love the technique and your cards! TFS

  2. Great Technique, It does look like rain! Not done that one yet!

  3. Beautiful, thanks for sharing the technique and all the samples.

  4. What a fun technique and beautiful results. Thanks for showcasing and for great explanations/directions!

  5. Wendy, such a fun technique and the results are different every time for a unique look! Great directions, too!

  6. WOW! Wendy you rocked this technique girl !
    Love all those fun techniques using household products .
    The plastic wrap really makes a soft beautiful background . Love it !
    Dawn Griffith

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