Three months old

Three Months Old

We came home from vacation and my mom was so great that she watched her while we settled back in. It was so nice, I was able to sleep in, even though I thought I heard her on the monitor. She really likes grandmas house. She has a great time. We went to doctor on October 16, she weighted 12 pounds 10 oz. Got her first set of shots. She did really great, cried a little when they gave them to her, then I picked her and she stopped crying. The nurse even commented on how well she did.

Our Anniversary was this month, she also turned 3 months the same day. It was great, we went to eat and had an awesome day. The rocking chair picture is also the same rocking chair that I used. It is great to see her in the exact same chair. You do not think of those things growing up, did my mom keep this or that for me? But she did keep this chair and now my little one gets to enjoy it as well.

We turned diaper changing time into play time. Both hubby and I figured it is something that has to be done so why not make it fun. So anytime she is on her changing table we play with her. From making noises, giving kisses, tickling her. Anything we can do to make her smile, laugh and enjoy the time on the changing table. For mommy that means taking photos too.

The time had come, I had to go back to work. This picture is so funny, we had soe others but I just love the look of surprise here on her. I of course had to take lots of pictures before work. I knew I was going to miss her so much. I found a wonderful daycare and was so happy with them. But I still did not want to leave her.

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