Six Months Old

Six Months Old

Sitting up assisted
Merry Christmas

It is so hard to believe that six months ago she was not born yet, and now look at how big she is. She has started to sit up assisted. You have to make sure she is not just out in the open or she might fall. She loves attention and when we go to families houses she loves seeing everyone, and them all passing her back and forth. We took some pictures for us, poor thing was tired and was not in the mood.

I think I scared her
First time in a basket, she got grumpy and wanted to lay down
She loves her bouncer and is now teething
Learning to crawl
Grandma cuddles

Grandma has a way of making her feel cozy. She greatly enjoys her time with Grandma. She likes to face time her too and will smile at her.

This month had lots of learning. Between learning to sit up unassisted, to even though she is a great eater, her doctor recommend we slow down her food intake in order to keep her on the same amount of formula. She was eating so much she did not want her bottles. He said scale her food back so she still eats all her formula. Now she gets one 2oz of food per day instead of two 2oz jars.

The perfect end to every night

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