Seven Months Old

Seven Months Old

She has learned to hold her own bottle
First time in a high chair
Trying on outfits for pictures

This month has so many milestones in it. She can hold her bottle now unassisted. She does not like to do it but she will. She also is now able to sit up in a high chair by herself. Since she can now sit up unassisted this was the next step. She did great, other than mommy forgot to bring toys, so she played with a brush. Daddy played guitar for her. She loves music. She really enjoys any kind of music, she will dance to it. We played dress up to determine which outfit would be best for pictures at daycare.

Milk drunk
I think she is going to be a gammer
Date Night
First time in the big bath tub

She still gets really sleepy sometimes and will not want her bottle or falls asleep during a feeding. She learned to move around and found daddies ps4 controller. She played with this for an hour.

We had date night and she went with us. She did so great. She did not fuss and she played the whole time. I kept her entertained. She had her first big girl bath in the big bath tub. At first she was not sure then started to enjoy it.

SHe loves playing with daddy on the floor
She loves music and loves this piano
Finding her feet
First time to fall asleep anywhere but on a person or a crib.

When daddy comes home from work, they like to play on the floor together. Recently it has been her standing and trying to crawl on top of him. She loves her music,and this little piano is the perfect touch. She can play songs, play along, or push a button and it sings to her and lights up the keys that it plays.

She found her feet, we where at a relatives house that had carpet. Whole new experience. She fell asleep for the first time in her saucer, she was so tired. I left to the room and came back a min later to find her fast asleep.

She is so happy
Playing with her phone
She loved watching the Olympics
She loved the baloon I got her

I picked up some new toys this month. The ball gator was a hit. She enjoyed her phone that I received as a baby shower gift. She also enjoyed watching the Olympics. We watched a lot of Olympics. She enjoyed ice skating the most, and would watch the entire time they where on the ice. She also enjoyed her balloon, first time for one. I strapped it to her saucer and she would pull the cord and play with it. She still cannot transition herself from sitting up to laying down. She fusses for someone to lay her down on her belly so she can play.

Learning to play with new toys
Daycare pictures Happy Valentines Day

My mom had picked up some of the donuts and she really liked them, so I went and got some for her too. She loves to play with them, daddy taught her how to bang things together she really enjoys that. Her Valentines Day pictures turned out really well. She did so much better this time after mommy learned her lesson from December. I fed her before. I had her ready to go in her picture outfit when we arrived at daycare. She took the picture and no fuss. She was a happy girl.

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