Our Story

I met my husband at a church Bible Study in September 2009. I hosted the next Bible Study , and we talked more. After that we continue to talk on the phone and share our stories, passions and past. We learned that we knew the same people growing up, but never met each other, went to the same school, but never spoke to one another, or even knew the other existed.

After two weeks of talking on the phone, we went to watch a movie at a friends house. One of the longest movies ever, The Stand. I took me almost the whole time just to ask him to put my arm around him on the couch. After we watched the movie, it was around 2am-3am in the morning. We left, on our way to our cars, we had our first kiss. I went home, he went home, and all I could think about was is this really it? Is this the guy for me? He was thinking the same thing about me. He called and said that we needed to talk. Mind you this is like 4am. If we really are interested in each other, then we need to court. Yes you read that right court. I agreed, I did not want to just hang out or be friends. I was already falling for him and I knew it.

We started dating, two weeks into dating, he put a deposit down on a ring. We met in September ’09, started dating in October ’09, he poposed in April ’10 and we married in September ’10. If you would have told me that I would marry a man after such a short time, I would have told you there is no way. However, when you know you know. That and a lot of praying. I knew then, I know now, I love him very deeply, more and more very day.

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