Welcome to Motherhood. Hubby and I had decided to wait to try for a baby. So I became pregnant at the age of 34. I had her at the age of 35. I prayed a lot during pregnancy, and still pray for her now. I thank God every day for the opportunity to be a mother to this little beautiful girl.

Eight Months Old

Eight Months Old This month she has learned to move. First it started out where she would just rock, and pivot and she was able

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Seven Months Old

Seven Months Old She has learned to hold her own bottle First time in a high chair Trying on outfits for pictures This month has

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Six Months Old

Six Months Old Sitting up assisted Merry Christmas It is so hard to believe that six months ago she was not born yet, and now

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Five Months Old

Five Months Old We love playing Picked her up a new door bouncer Thanksgiving Outfits Thanksgiving Outfit She just loves to play on her changing

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Four Months Old

Four Months Old First trip to the fair Oh how time was flying. After our trip, every year the town holds a local fair. It

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Three months old

Three Months Old We came home from vacation and my mom was so great that she watched her while we settled back in. It was

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Two Months Old

Two Months Old We had finally started to figure it all out. I had a schedule down, she was on a schedule and now playing

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One Month Old

One Month Old By the second month, we had started to venture out more. We went to Target on a regular basis now, we went

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Newborn Let me start with the hospital stay. We had her on Fathers Day. Which was fabulous, not only for the fact that it was

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I want a Baby

I Want a Baby It all started with a dream. Hubby and I had been married for almost five years. I went to him and

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Baby Girl

I had no idea that when you get pregnant, take your first test, call your doctor and say hey guess what, they make you wait

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