I want a Baby

I Want a Baby

It all started with a dream. Hubby and I had been married for almost five years. I went to him and told him I wanted to start trying for a baby. We agreed when we married that we both where at the stance of if it happened it happened, however when you prevent it from happening then how can it really happen?

So I had the conversation with him about wanting to start trying. I had never been pregnant before, he has never had kids before either. So I did not know how long it was going to take, and we both are not in our 20s anymore. So the time was right to start trying.

My A type personality meant researching everything I could, and keeping track of everything, I mean everything. Did you know there are a lot of apps for this. Researching the TTC community. This of course stressed out the hubby. He did not like that I tracked it, or that I was trying to base our lovey time off an app. So some time went by and I started to slowly get away from it all. I did not have a time frame in my head of when to get pregnant just that we where trying. Six months went by, then a year.

He came to me and said he wanted a new car, so happens we both got new to us used cars. Then we went on vacation. We like to go camping, but I can only hang sleeping in a tent for about three days, after that I am pretty much done and need a nice shower and a bed. So we went to a town not too far from where we stayed and I loved it. In the mountains, it was so relaxing and peaceful. The towns people where great and friendly. It was a very nice end to the vacation. Then we came home and settled back into our routine.

I went to hubby in October and said, I think I;m pregnant. He just looked at me and said, well you know your cycles have always been off, I’m sure that it what it is. I said yes that is true, however this is different. I feel things I have not felt before and because I was tracking everything I started to learn my body really well. He said take a test if you think it really could be.

The next morning I did. Took the pregnancy test. And there it was on my cheap Dollar Tree pregnancy test, positive. Took the expensive test, yep there it was again. We (I) was pregnant. I met him for lunch and showed him a picture of the pregnancy tests. He asked if they where mine. No it’s a random picture. Yes they are mine. He laughed I showed him and said your going to be a daddy. I think no matter how much you talk about it to some men, they just have this shock factor. Like you mean I am going to be responsible for more than a dog or myself? No offense but that is how they act.

So there it was. I knew it would happen, I had faith based on the dream I had.

I want a baby, and I didn’t just have this thought for a month or two, but I want a baby. And now we are going to have a baby.

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