Four Months Old

Four Months Old

First trip to the fair

Oh how time was flying. After our trip, every year the town holds a local fair. It was hubbies and my first date. So we just had to take little girl. She was so cute. I think she enjoyed the fresh air. I love taking pictures of her and seeing how much she has grown. She is double the weight she was when she was born. She still enjoys to be swaddled and cuddled before bed.

Even though it is October, it is really nice outside. We took her outside and let her sit on the table in her chair. She really enjoyed hanging outside and watching the dogs play. I just love all these cute little Halloween outfits. She loves bath time, always has. Now she is starting to splash more and really just enjoys the entire experience. When she gets tired she sucks her thumb. She also sucks her thumb in bed to self sooth.

I started putting her in outfits from the start of Oct.
She was so cute in these outfits.

I had a bunch of Halloween outfits that I had collected. She is in three month clothes even though she is four months old. Works for me I get to use her clothes longer. So these outfits where just too cute. On Halloween we went to a local pumpkin patch and took pictures. It was hard since she could not sit up. But they where still cute.

Now that I had gone back to work, all I wanted to do when I got home was cuddle her. This is after a feeding.

We put her boppy lounger in the pack n play and this helps when we need to run to another room. It also helped her learn how to play on her own. We would put toys in it and just let her fidget with the toys.

This bath picture is just too funny, she is holding our hands but the way she lifted her eye brows when I took the picture is just perfect. Maybe the shadow from the lighting but it’s so funny.

Her new favorite toy. I picked this up at Target. She loves it. Chews on the tags and just chews and chews and chews and sucks on it. One of the best buys I have made for toys for her. She really enjoys it and since it is cold it also keeps her warm.

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