Five Months Old

Five Months Old

We love playing
Picked her up a new door bouncer
Thanksgiving Outfits
Thanksgiving Outfit

She just loves to play on her changing table. I am so glad we decided to turn it into play time.

I picked up a new to us door bouncer. She really enjoys this thing. She is able to follow us around when we walk back and forth and can pivot. She also does jump up and down in it.

Her thanksgiving outfits where so cute. I picked up the one with a tutu locally, and the other I had ordered. She wore them both for different reasons. We had a good time playing around taking pictures. Thanksgiving was great, went to a family members house to eat. Everyone got their cuddles in.

She was so tired after eating
Doctors Apt.
Daycare did pictures
My favortie of her smiling in the saucer

Sometimes she will fuss when I feed her, normally this means that she is really tired. Sure enough finished feeding her and she was out.

At her doctors apointments we have to take all clothes off while we wait to be seen so they can weight her without anything on. She was in a good mood for this appointment. She weighed Fourteen Pounds one ounce. Still doing good and getting bigger even though she is still in three month clothes.

Her day care did a photo shoot. It took forever to get her to smile. A few lessons we learned, feed her before pictures. If putting in a dress make sure she sees and tries on the dress before the day of pictures, all she wanted to do was play with the dress.

This last one is my favorite of her smile. We where playing in the saucer, she was giggling and just smiling away. I grabbed the phone and said cheese and she gave me this beautiful smile. It was a good month, we enjoyed playing a lot. I have a lot of videos of us playing with her this month. She is getting more and more curious. She really wants to investigate things but not quite there yet.

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