Eight Months Old

Eight Months Old

This month she has learned to move. First it started out where she would just rock, and pivot and she was able to get around a little. Then she advanced to army crawling. Now she has started to use her legs but still army crawling. She is into everything. She likes to experience new things, watches everything and everyone. I ordered a gate to go across our walkway from the living room to the kitchen. This way she can stay in the living room. I also ordered a Graco play yard, it is bigger than a pack n play and she can go into that when I cook dinner or doing dishes in the kitchen. I set it up in the dinning room. 

She found the dog bells out Grandmas house and pulled on them so hard they fell down. The dogs did’t understand what she was doing. I picked her up another new piano. When you push the keys down it has items inside that move, she did not understand why she could not play with the items inside. She will pick herself up off her belly but will not crawl around like that. She just moves back and forth rocking. When she wants to crawl around she goes back down.

We found an old controller that she can play with. She likes chasing it around the floor. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. She did not want to stay still for that picture. She kept turning over and crawling away. I picked her up an Zany Zoo. She was able to stand and hold onto it and play. I think this will help with her strength building. This month I was also able to start spending more time with her, as my company offered additional baby leave. It has been such a blessing to be able to spend more time with her. I have been able to experience her crawling, and now talking first hand. I missed her so much. It is so wonderful to see her grow and to be there for these milestones.

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